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Just launched Servo Stabilizer (10-2000 kVA).
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Electricity has evolved from a scientific curiosity , to a luxury of the affluent, to a modern needs. We take electricity for granted one second and gawk at its power the next.

One only needs to consider the consequences of relatively a short power outage- factories close down, phones and computers go dead, traffic slow to a crawl, food spoils in refrigerators. So there is a very intimate liaison between electricity and society.

Electricity powers our world and our bodies. Harnessing its energy, containing something as infinite as energy is not easy. That is what we at Chowdhary Enterprises do.

Our team makes assessment of various power needs of our valued clients and help them to design a safe, reliable and efficient electrical infrastructure, Which extends its benefits throughout the life time of the said project.

We have solution oriented customer centric business policy to bring latest and value for money products & services to our esteemed clients & there by -

“ Powering Lives ”

“ Spreading Joy through power ”
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