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Just launched Servo Stabilizer (10-1000 kVA).
Products : Servo Stabilizer (10-2000kVA)

We are authorized marketing representative of complete range of power products such as servo stabilizers, power and distribution transformers of Shakti Electronics in Punjab.

Highly fluctuating AC mains supply is a very common phenomenon in India, stable Input supply is a basic necessity in the absence of which equipments does not give optimal performance. The Servo stabilizer ensures constant output voltage thus providing complete protection at optimum efficiency to all electrical & electronic equipments.

Shakti’s 3-phase stabilizers are manufactured using individual controls for each phase thus making it suitable for unbalanced input voltage and unbalanced load current.

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Salient Features :
  • High Efficiency Buck/ Boost Transformer & Auto Variable Transformer.
  • Fully solid-state Micro Processor Based Digital control circuit.
  • No waveform distortion.
  • Auto / Manual operation facility.
  • No phase shift.
  • Optimum speed of correction without Hunting.
  • High Efficiency.
  • + 1% regulation of output.
  • Output adjustment possible.
  • No effect on power factor.
Technical Specifications
Capacity 1 to 50 kVA 1-ph
10 to 2000 kVA 3-ph
Input Voltage Range 170 to 270 Volt 1-ph
300-460/340-460/360-460 Volt 3-ph
Output Voltage 230/240V 1-ph
400/415V 3-ph
Regulation ± 1%
Frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
Efficiency 95 - 99.5% Based on capacity & Range
Effect of Load Power Factor Nil
Wave Form Distortion Nil
Cooling AN / ONAN
Location Indoor / Outdoor
Correction Speed 6V/sec to 50V/sec
Response Time Less than 10ms
Duty Cycle 100% Continuous
Control Fully Solid State Digital Control
Efficiency of Servo Stabilizer
Input Voltage Variation Percent Reduction in Breakdown Possible Approx. Savings in
Power Consumption Possible
380 to 420 Volts Upto 10% Reduction in breakdown of electrical equipments. Upto 5%
380 to 440 Volts Upto 20% Reduction in breakdown of electrical equipments. Upto 7%
380 to 460 Volts Upto 60% Reduction in breakdown of electrical equipments. Upto 10%
380 to 470 Volts Upto 80% Reduction in breakdown of electrical equipments. Upto 15%
Advantages of Servo Stabilizer :
  • 10 to 15 % saving in electricity bill (More than 25 % on lighting load).
  • Up to 80 % reduction in breakdown of electrical equipments.
  • Reduction in MDI by 10-15 %.
  • Improvement in Power factor.
  • Payback period 6-12 months.
  • Improved production of the industry.
  • Uniform Quality of final product.

Notes : *Balanced units can also be supplied against specific requirement.